Monika Jakubec Cone Resin Blue Silver Ring

Monika's goal is to transform an original abstract design idea into reality. Her main design themes are basic geometric shapes: cone, sphere, cylinder and pipes. These forms are combined, duplicated, broken, connected or reduced to their simplest form. The result is beautiful, portable objects that present a consistent design and its own vitality. 


The 'Cone' ring is a colourful statement piece that combines metal with resin. The result is a resin plastic body that is framed by matte silver - a strong architectural shape. The contrast offered by these materials is exciting: the translucent Blue resin used here allows the ring to act like a window as the finger underneath will be visible to some extent.


Finger size: R.  Ring height: 25mm. Diameter of large circle: 30mm. Diameter of small circle: 18mm.

Additional Information:

Available to order in different finger sizes and in different colours. Please email for details.

Matching necklace and ring available. 

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*As with all hand made pieces, each one is individual (like you).  Expect some minor differences to the image due to the organic nature of the process in creating these wonderful pieces.

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