Loinnir Jewellery 'Tumulus' 9ct Yellow Gold Necklace

Loinnir offers a fresh, modern take on Irish jewellery.  Each handmade piece presents either the scenic landscapes, rich heritage and legends of Ireland.


Simple and elegant, the 'Tumulus' 9ct yellow gold necklace, is inspired by the famous tumulus chambers, scattered across the Irish landscape. These circular sites are reminiscent of the eternity ring; symbolic of the continuous gyre where death creates life, and life creates death in an endless yet elegant continuum. 


Chain length: 18inches. Diameter 15mm. Closure: Claw clasp.

Additional Information:

Matching rings and bracelet available. 
*As with all hand made pieces, each one is individual (like you).  Expect some minor differences to the image due to the organic nature of the process in creating these wonderful pieces.

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