Liam Butler 'Robin On a Flower' Copper Sculpture

Liam Butler is an outstanding craftsman who has truly mastered his materials. A completely self-taught sculptor who works in welded steel, copper and bronze, his tools are no more than a torch and a hammer. Liam’s immediate environment inspired his early work - birds, currachs, fishermen, farmers, musicians and dancers. He then began to show significant development as he portrayed the natural elegance of species of birds - godwits, herons, cranes, swans, robins and kingfishers. In recent years, a willingness to experiment and growth in confidence has seen an explosion of new subject matter, especially the natural beauty of the windswept trees of the West of Ireland. Liam’s love of, and empathy with, the natural world cries out from each piece. Guided by imagination and inspiration, Liam Butler plans a basic design and gradually builds upon it. Simplicity is a mark of much of his work, while other pieces feature decoration and adornment, giving us some wonderful colour effects and an amazing variety of forms. Liam has great fun making his creations and enjoys the pleasure they bring to followers of his work.


This piece of Sculpture that will be treasured for years to come. Liam Butler 'Robin On a Flower' Copper Sculpture is made of copper with a sandstone base. 


Dimensions :  32 inches tall, width 8 inches approx.

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