Claudia Milic 'Twist' Double Silver Necklace

Claudia´s meticulous manufacturing process creates chains from chains.  Each piece of her jewellery is a combination of thousands of identical elements.  She takes a concept as strong and binding as a chain and transforms it into something fluid, adaptable and tactile. This creates a timeless piece of jewellery that transcends any fleeting fashion trends.


This glittering necklace is created with hundreds of strands of diamond cut, silver chain plaited together. This results in a spectacular sparkling finish. The necklace is extremely versatile.  It can be worn many ways depending on your mood. Long, doubled over or worn in a lariat style.  It is a stunning addition to any outfit adding a touch of old world glamour in a unique and contemporary form.  


Chain length: 34 inches. Chain width: approx 3mm. No closure. 

Additional Information:

Matching earrings and bracelet available. 

Available to order in different metals. Please email for details. 

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*As with all hand made pieces, each one is individual (like you).  Expect some minor differences to the image due to the organic nature of the process in creating these wonderful pieces.

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