Bernadette Madden 'Baltimore co. Cork' Batik

Dublin born painter, Bernadette Madden held her first solo exhibition in 1972, shortly after graduating from the Fine Art Faculty of the National College of Art and Design (NCAD).  She has been exhibiting regularly ever since, at home, as well as in the US and Australia.  Her batiks, for which she is best known, are included in private and public collections such as the Arts Council, the Ulster Museum and Aer Lingus. An interest in theatre has led to her work being used in stage sets at the Abbey and Gate Theatres. Her work has also featured frequently in the media.

Bernadette has won numerous awards, including a Department of Education Scholarship to Paris and the McCauley Fellowship from the Arts Council.  She has served on various Boards and Committees in the arts arena, including a three-year term on the Board of NCAD.

Batik: Batik is an ancient oriental art of patterning fabric. Designs are drawn onto cloth with molten wax.  The cloth is then immersed in a cold-water dye bath. The waxed areas resist the colour, making the pattern. Over the past thirty years or so, batik has become increasingly well known in the west, and has been accepted as an art form, in addition to being a craft requiring considerable skill.

Lino-Prints: Bernadette’s linocuts are printed on hand-made paper and hand coloured.  Each print is produced entirely by the artist.  A linocut is a type of relief print, made by pressing a block of inked lino onto a sheet of paper.  A plain block of lino, if covered with printing ink and pressed on a sheet of paper would print as a black rectangle; but if channels are cut into the surface with a gouge these will not catch the ink, therefore, will print as white patches. The principle of a linocut is to leave the black lines or patches as untouched lino and to cut away the parts intended to print as white.  A black line has to have the lino on each side of it cut away and this is done with special lino cutting tools set in to short handles.


This linen batik will be treasured for years to come. 


Dimensions : 73 x 51 cm. 

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*As with all hand made pieces, each one is individual (like you).  Expect some minor differences to the image due to the organic nature of the process in creating these wonderful pieces. 


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