Henrich & Denzel

Design Bio

H&D was established in 1984 in Germany and fascinated by the diverse and challenging
properties of platinum, Gunter Henrich and Roland Denzel set out to capture the cool elegance of the metal, the brilliance of diamonds and the sensual glow of gold in
expressive pieces of jewellery.  
Now in its second generation, H&D combines modern technology and traditional gold-smithing craft to create contemporary collections of exquisite quality.  Ascribing to the Bauhaus principles of honest use of materials, all H&D pieces are  hand crafted from platinum or 18ct gold, and feature the most finely cut diamonds in addition to a limited selection of coloured gemstones.  Graceful and refined, each ring is comfort fit, perfectly balanced and immaculately finished.  Masters at marrying form and function, Henrich and Denzel pare back their designs to the essential, resulting in timeless pieces of lasting value.