Clodagh Redden

Clodagh commenced her art studies at Limerick College of Art and went on to earn a Masters degree from Cardiff College in 1994. Her main body of work is sculptural in form and ranges from a selection of framed slab work to delicate sculptural pieces known as Soul Boats. Clodagh’s framed pieces come as single mounted slabs or as triptychs of clay panels imprinted with various imagery, including flowers, ferns and etchings of her imaginative fantasy boats. Her elegant Soul Boats are glazed with subtle tones or highlighted with oxides and each is unique, having been individually hand-crafted by the artist. Clodagh embellishes the delicate vessels with motifs from the stone carvings at Newgrange. Newgrange is a prehistoric burial site in County Meath on the east coast of Ireland. Built by Neolithic communities about 5,000 years ago, it is still a mystery to us today how Newgrange was constructed.