Claire Malet

Strong forms work together with complex surface textures and rich colours to create Claire’s striking work. Claire uses non-precious and precious metals, working each piece with raising, chasing and gilding techniques and a ‘painterly’ use of a flame.  Claire’s work is inspired by the rich textures, colours and sculpted shapes of natural forms and landscapes: fragments of sea-worn shells, the rock formations of a battered coastline, a curl of split bark, the dancing light and shadow of woodland. She also draws inspiration directly from the varied natural qualities and characteristics of metal. She is particularly fascinated by vessel forms, both organic and manmade. Vessels are one of the most basic and universal of objects, in daily mundane use which also play vital roles at occasions of celebration and honour. Claire’s current steel pieces explore the idea of transformation and perceived value— each piece is worked from a reclaimed steel can which is ‘transformed’ into a ‘precious’ vessel.