Alan Nolan

Alan Nolan is a self-taught woodturner from Edenderry, Co. Offaly. He always had an unexplained fascination with wood and it was only in recent years through his father that he found out his grandfather was a professional woodturner in his youth. Alan is a professional plasterer by trade and spent many years tinkering at wood-turning as a hobby. It is only since the recession hit that his real love has been given the time it deserves. Alan’s inspiration for each piece comes from his love of bringing out the natural beauty of the individual wood he works with. He only works with storm felled trees which he sources from local land owners and a local fellow woodturner. Each piece of wood when sourced and cut is placed in a kiln for a few months to dry where a percentage is lost due to splitting. His work is a series of one off pieces which can have similar themes running through them.